Photo Shoot : Erin Lenahan Promo Ad

This past Saturday I had the honor to work on an Advertising Promo Shoot with professional bowler Erin Lenahan showing off her new sponsor DV8 Bowling.
I decided to go with 3 different situations: a flaming one, one of strength and a classic mixed with beauty.
We get together in my studio around 10 am where hair stylist Stacey  from Look Sharp Salon and MUA Reckless Beauty Artistry started their magic while I get my usual 5/6 lighting setup on its way.
After about 30 minutes we started shooting the photo of her crashing the bowling ball into the road and it was such a fun shot especially when I started requesting her to scream thinking of her as the HULK lol.
As soon as I got the perfect shot I had to take everything down and get everything ready in the car for our location shots at the AMF Rocklin Lanes.
Took about an hour to get everything down drive there and set everything back up.
Now everything was setup and it was time to create some magic 🙂
We decided to go with the flaming lane, exploding pins and surprising look of audience and bowler herself 🙂
Turned out to be the perfect combination of fun, edgy and promo that we were looking for.
Once this shot was done all we had missing was an action shot mixed with a beauty shot.
It took a little bit of time to find the perfect timing, pose and lighting …but we did it and we were all pretty happy with the result.

It was really fun to get to work with such an amazing client and a great team.
I hope you guys are going to like the photos as much as we do 😀

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