Photo Shoot : Nikki and Honey

Just 2 weeks ago I received a phone call from amazing LA and London’s makeup artist Nikki that wanted to hire me to set up a very artistic/commercial/Beverly Hills style photo shoot with her and her daughter Honey for her 16th birthday.
I immediately loved the idea and booked her for the very next week.
We decided to meet up at 11 am on Thursday the 16th with the whole day ahead of us to come up with multiple locations, wardrobe, makeup and hair style changes.
As soon as my good friend and assistant Jason and I get to location we fell in love with the place, an amazing modern style mansion 1 block from the Santa Monica beach.
After transporting all the equipment in this super house we went and scouted all the possible sets for the shoot, well…there were too many, since every single corner of the house had its own style and looked perfect for what we wanted to achieve with this photo session.
Finally we are all ready, the first set is set up and the ladies are ready to go!
I must say the shoot was amazing!
Nikki and Honey had the best wardrobe, hair and makeup.
They also were very easy to work with and had great ideas for every single set 😀
I really had fun and I think we came up with some amazing work.
Now is for you to judge i guess 😛
Please take your time and enjoy the result of this fantastic day with two great models and artists.
Thank you.
Behind the Scene and Location :

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