A crazy solution to a disaster situation

Hey guys!

Here I am , finally taking the time to post something after a long break!
This is time though I am not posting an image about a job I have done, but I am posting an image of a visual test shoot for an upcoming project, and for a specific reason…this image is to symbolize a crazy solution to a disaster situation.
What do I mean by that??….well let me explain.

Yesterday I had planned to meet up with my good pal Jason Briseno ( the tennis player in this particular picture ) and take a quick scout, visual and lighting test for an upcoming project!
So we decide to meet up in Venice, CA around 1 pm and take a few hrs to figure out the idea, angle, lighting and everything that will help creating the best visual idea of what I will be shooting soon.
Since It was just a test I decide to load only 3 strobes in my car followed by a beauty dish,a ring flash, a gridded strip and an octabox….and of course all the other equipment that goes with it!
Arrived to Venice, I meet up with Jason and we both start unloading the car setting everything on the court, ready to be all built and turned on.
As I was setting up the beauty dish, I decide to test the strobe and make sure it works, when I realize something horrible had happened!!!…The vagabond mini ( battery pack for strobes ) was dead!!! = no power for any of the equipment I brought with me!!! O___________O

Now…thankfully enough this wasn’t the actual shoot , but only a lighting test, and as angry as this made me, at least it didn’t cause any embarrassment, or worse, cost me the job itself…

Still, this being only a scout shoot , wasn’t making me any less angry and I could not accept the idea of having to pack everything back into my car and waste a whole day like that…so what did I do??? I found a crazy solution to this disaster situation! I put away all the strobes, the diffusers, the cords and grabbed my old friend mr. SPEEDLITE!

There I was at 3pm, with a camera on a tripod, a laptop and a single speedlite flash with no diffuser ready to create the example image of what I need to show my client as an idea for the upcoming project…a very interesting but sticky situation!

Following is the image that came out of this particular situation, of which I am actually very proud , not only because I didn’t end up wasting a full day due a rookie mistake like not checking your equipment prior a shoot, but because it shows how sooner or later we will all end up in a situation where everything we planned might just not work and as artists we are called to improvise with any means possible, like in this case I had to create a high-end commercial visual test image using only a cheap off camera speedlite flash unit and the sun as rim light! O.O

Of course if I had all my lighting this image would have looked a lot better, I wouldn’t have as many shadows on his body as there are now, and his skin would have been smoother and with a lot more glow…but this image is more than perfect for what I needed it.

If this was a the shoot itself?? well…depending on how big and important the shoot is…this image might actually work for some clients.

In conclusion…never give up and keep shooting…we are artists and we need to create with a bunch of equipment or with a cheap little flash unit, it doesn’t matter as long as we get to create!